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RT4-5GL 2G/4G GSM Transmitter

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The transmitter automatically uses the 4G mobile network for communication, if available, and switches to 2G if there are problems with 4G or its absence. At the same time, when working in 4G, the speed of registration and data transfer by the device, as well as the stability of the connection increases significantly.

The main differences from the previous model:

- the ability to work in 4G networks (LTE)

5 inputs

direct connection to the combus of NX and DSC (Classic and Power series) panels

- possibility to update the communicator firmware remotely (directly at the object), including in automatic mode when a new version is released

- the ability to assign names to the partitions when using text SMS

- the ability to send text SMS only if the event is described in the code table.


Device features:

  • Ability to transmit information via SMS messages and via GPRS channel;
  • Dual SIM support (one primary and one backup);
  • Two IP address support for information transmitting via GPRS (one primary and one backup);
  • Ability to establish connection using domain name;
  • Event log for 254 messages;
  • Ability to remotely configure device settings and update firmware version using GPRS channel;
  • Mini USB port for device parameter programming;
  • Indication of the both SIM cards status, power status and data transmitting mode;
  • 5 general purpose inputs;
  • Power supply control input;
  • 2 general purpose outputs/PGM;
  • Two communication port for connecting security panels;
  • Ability to work in control panel mode;
  • Ability to send information to the E-mail address;
  • Up to 4 user support;
  • Two switchable message formats: "user" and "modem";
  • Periodic self test feature.

General outputs are made using "open collector" scheme and designed for maximum current and  30V voltage on the closed output.    

Device inputs are organized the following way:

  • Power supply control input is loaded to "+" by default (reacts to "0"/"break") and is programmed as Normally Closed;
  • General purpose inputs can be loaded both, to "0" and to "+". By default they are loaded to "+" and programmed as Normally Open.

Supported modules and control panels:

  • RT4-5gl bus design allows connecting to it and receiving full information from the following control panels: „Spectra", „Esprit" and „Digiplex" of the „Paradox" company, „DSC (Digital Security Controls)", CADDX NX, PAS816 and PAS832 of the Secolink company;
  • "Cortex" and "Rovalant" control panels are connected directly to the transmitter without the use of interface modules;
  • Interface modules that receive information from the control panel telephone communicator in "Silent knight fast (4х2)" and Contact ID formats.
  • Interface modules that receive information from the repeater bus of the Bentel and Smartline fire panels.
  • Zone and output expanders that use either standard Cortex bus or ABAS II address bus.


Features added to the RT4-5gl in relation to RT4-5gc v.3.x:

  • Dual SIM support: primary and backup основной и резервной.
  • Ability to transmit information to the backup IP address when connection with the primary IP is lost.
  • CADDX NX control panel support.
  • ABAS II address bus and it's zone/output expander support.
  • Added one additional user (in the place of the installer)
  • Additional power output for interface and external devices.
  • Ability to edit partition names in the text messages
  • Ability to execute preprogrammed command when receiving a call from the registered (one command per user)
  • Ability to send SMS to other GSM devices, and thus control them.
  • Programming via Mini USB without the need to additionally power the module.
  • Decreased weight and dimensions.
  • Sectional terminal block for input and output connection.

Device technical characteristics:

GSM-protocol E-GSM 900/1800
GSM-modem Quectel
SIM interface 3 V/ 1,8 V
Number of users 4
Output capability 1 А
Maximum voltage on closed output 30 V
Maximum voltage on inputs 30 V
Supply voltage 11 — 30 V
Input current (at 12V supply), not more than 30 mA- 300 mA
Overall dimensions, mm 125×68×19 mm

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