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WSC-44 programma dlja pulta Security Commander for Windows

Security Commander for Windows v4.4.xx

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Security Commander for Windows v4.4.xx

Security Commander for Windows is a program product, designed to organize the working place of operator of monitoring system of fire security alarm in the operational environment Windows XP/W7/W8 and provide the following basic functions:

  • Processing of the messages, coming simultaneously from several central alarm receivers (up to 15);
  • Visualization of received information in convenient form for the operator;
  • Tracing of messages (level of signal, route of the retranslations etc.);
  • Adjustable program interface;
  • Adjustable language environment;
  • Demonstrative presentation of information about the current condition of the objects;
  • Archiving of received information and actions of operator;
  • Wide range of possibilities working with data base and archives;
  • Periodical control of conditions of data bases;
  • Periodical saving of data base backup;
  • Crypting of data base with double password;
  • Quick and convenient access to the information about each object.
  • Possibility to connect graphic information to the card of the object;
  • Possibility to create library of standard configurations of the objects;
  • Possibility to receive and control telemetric data from the objects;
  • Basic and alternative working schedule for each object;
  • Fast control of not restored alarms;
  • Periodical reminder for the operator of not restored alarms;
  • Automatic control of the tests from transmitters and control panels;
  • Creating and printing the reports;
  • Searching system of the objects by certain parameters;
  • Filter system for displaying the objects;
  • Sorting the objects by status, group, class, event type;
  • Possibility to send messages on e-mail, cell phone, pager;
  • Three access levels to the functions of the program;
  • Control of the receiver's system operation (Central alarm receiver);
  • Synchronization of times between computer and receivers (Central alarm receiver);
  • Control of communication with the receivers (Central alarm receiver);
  • Possibility to work with several central alarm receivers (Central alarm receiver).

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