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Protect and control your objects with Defendex. Connect any security system to the CORTEX transmitter and get notifications about every event on your phone.

Using Defendex application you can remotely arm the system and activate one additional piece of equipment – heating boiler, garage doors, lights, etc.

You will get notification if the battery in the security system is low as well as the exact zone that triggered the alarm.

You will know the time your children returned from school, as well you will be able remotely activate perimeter security.

Defendex is:

  • Arming/Disarming
  • Perimeter security mode activation
  • Events from object online
  • Remote activation of additional equipment (heating, gates, lights)
  • Event visualization zone by zone
  • Battery charge control
  • Unlimited number of objects in one application

Install Defendex and be confident in your safety 24/7.


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