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CPMC-6D ohrannaja panelj

CPMC-6D Alarm panel

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Control panel CPMC-6D is a 6 zone programmable receiving-controlling device, designed to create local or central security and fire alarm systems on its basis and to control different dwelling or commercial objects.

Main features of the panel:

  • 7 programmable types of zones;
  • 2 programmable outputs;
  • Availability of 2 partitions with free distribution of zones;
  • Control of operation modes is performed with the help of electronic keys DS1990A produced by Dallas Semiconductors company or keypad;
  • Possibility to connect a siren;
  • Possibility to expand the number of zones up to 22;
  • Possibility to control the electronic locks;
  • Supervision for loss of AC power;
  • Accumulator presence control;
  • Accumulator charge control;
  • Control of loop resistance and loop running out of order;
  • Automatic reset of smoke detectors;
  • Programmable delays for entrance and exit (separately for each partition);
  • Transmission of the events about entering and exiting from registration mode of electronic keys;
  • Control panel has a sensor power lead short-circuit protection.
  • The panel is equipped with built-in interface to transmit the information through object device RT4-5se and possibility to create reserve data channel via Ethernet or GSM network as well.

Keypad - 6D

Keypad - 6D is designed to control the operation modes of control panel CPMC-6D, to save and view following information about the events:

  • Arming;
  • Disarming;
  • Zone alarms;
  • System information (AC, accumulator).


Operation modes of the keypad:

  • Programmable parameters: zones, codes, transmitters' types etc.;
  • Registration of users' codes;
  • Disarmed;
  • Armed;
  • Memory: information by partitions and system information.



Keypad-DS is used to control the operation modes of control panels produced by CORTEX Company and is an emulator of electronic keys.

  • Master code, codes for panel arming or disarming consist of 4 digits. It is possible to reset not completely entered code by pressing F button;
  • Control panel arming or responding of delay zone of the panel is followed by sound.




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