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 RP4000dm dupleksnij retranslator

RP4000dm Duplex Retranslator

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CORTEX RP4000dm duplex repeater


 Main purpose:


The repeater CORTEX RP4000dm is designed to perform in a system of message transmission CORTEX RS4000. Its main function is to collect the information from object devices (CORTEX RT4-5xx) and transmit it further to the central alarm receiver via one or several channels. Moreover, repeater can be used as a central alarm receiver itself together with computer and/or with additional processing and indication module.


 Main purpose:

  • Full compatibility with all components of the system CORTEX RS4000;
  • 4 information reception channels with expansion possibilities up to 8;
  • Transmission channel via VHF or UHF radio;
  • Transmission channel via TCP/IP through Ethernet;
  • Transmission channel via TCP/IP through GPRS;
  • RS-232 (TTL) and USB ports for programming parameters of repeater, connecting of additional communication modules as well as computer with monitoring software;
  • Buffer for 400 events on each transmission channel;
  • Possibility to use transmission channels in both parallel mode and serial reservation mode (channel A - basic, B - first reserve, C- second reserve etc.);
  • Possibility to assign certain transmission channel to each reception channel - basic and reserve;
  • Detection of interferences in each reception channel and information transmission in case of such to the central alarm receiver. Possibility to set acceptable level of interferences by the user;
  • Controlling of operational status of each transmission channel and further transmission of this information to the central alarm receiver;
  • Possibility to use RP4000dm not only as repeater, but also as central alarm receiver.


 Basic schemes of repeater RP4000dm usage:

  1. Classic duplex repeater with duplication through Internet;
  2. Remote repeater with reserve channel of information transmission;
  3. Combination of functions of repeater and central alarm receiver.

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