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About us

Since 1993, the company is engaged in the development and manufacturing of wireless security systems and monitoring of stationary and moving objects. During the time of existence there has been established and improved various signal transfer systems from the object, which now became much more reliable and flexible.

Recently, we pay a particular attention to the modern signal delivery channels, such as GSM, Ethernet, which allows to increase the reliability of our systems without substantial appreciation. Thus, one of our innovative solutions is the integration of the different channels of signal delivery into one system (CORTEX RS-4000).

We offer various solutions for: 

  • Implementation of protection of any stationary objects :
    • buildings;
    • private houses;
    • flats;
    • manufacturing areas;
    • offices;
    • garden and garage cooperatives;
    • other territories with small
  • Combining of stationary objects for centralized monitoring, with objects located in different cities;
  • Transport monitoring.

Our systems have a unique data protocols CORTEX1000 and CORTEX4000. The protocol used is specially designed format of the data, based on the criterion of optimal capacity in the system as a particular strength and sufficient informativeness. This principle allows the efficient use of allocated frequency spectrum.

The widespread use of modern element base in our designs can substantially increase the reliability of equipment while reducing its complexity and cost.

Development of new systems and equipment are manufactured in accordance with the needs of our clients, reviews of our service centers and growing experience from previous models usage.

Currently, we offer a wide range of products:

The company has its own production line:

  • Constructional division
  • Technical support division
  • Installers' workshop
  • Assembly workshop

A close relation to the needs of our clients allows us to achieve the most effective results!

To cooperate with us is very easy and pleasant cause we love doing our works.

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